School Fundraising Sales Ideas fundraiser companies for schools

Students and parents have been selling various items to support their schools for decades. While we may not encourage students to go door-to-door on their own anymore, product sales fundraisers can be great choices for schools with a number of other strategies. Then, supporters receive a good or service in response to their contributions, which can be an added incentive to support your school.

Book Fair

Do you remember how exciting book fairs were as a child? They’re also some of the most effective fundraising ideas for schools across the globe! For this fundraising event, school libraries (or other large areas with ample space) are typically transformed into miniature bookstores for a period of time. Students and parents are given the opportunity to browse available books and other items and make their purchases⁠, the proceeds of which ultimately go toward the school.

Top tip! Keep in mind that most schools partner with a bookseller to host their book fair fundraisers. Though the bookseller will collect a portion of the fundraising revenue, it also ensures you aren’t left to deal with unsold items at the end of the event.

T-Shirt Sale

Everybody loves representing their school with branded apparel⁠—students, teachers, faculty, and parents alike. That’s why a t-shirt sale (or another item, such as a hat, lanyard, hoodie, etc.) can be an effective and favorite fundraising idea. To get started, you’ll want to come up with an idea for your apparel. Most schools will begin with their school colors to best represent the school and its student body. Then, perhaps you’ll include your school name, logo, mascot, saying, and more. In the end, you’ll have a visually appealing piece of clothing that your top supporters will be happy to buy and wear. fundraiser companies for schools

Snack Sales

More than likely, the students at your school are still growing. And growing kids need fuel from snacks! Thus, selling snacks can be an easy and profitable fundraising idea. All you need to do is purchase food items such as candy, granola bars, bags of chips, popcorn, cookies, danishes, and more. Then, place them for sale at school, extracurriculars, sporting events, and other activities at an increased price.

Top tip! As you price your items, keep in mind that you’d want to keep your snacks affordable while remembering that the upcharge is what goes toward your school’s fundraising revenue.

Cookie Dough

Just about everyone loves a freshly baked cookie, but not everyone has the time (or the skillset) to be making cookies from scratch whenever the desire arises. Enter⁠—premade cookie dough and school fundraisers that sell it! This is a great fundraising idea to host as the holiday season approaches, enabling buyers in your community to stock up on their favorite frozen sweets that can just be popped in the oven when needed. Be sure to offer a number of unique and mouthwatering flavors to help drive sales. Your community will thank you!

Candy Grams

Students love having the opportunity to gift their friends and significant others a sweet treat on a special occasion. That’s why candy grams are such a popular fundraising idea for schools! To get started, sell candy to students for a small fee. The purchasing student then provides the class schedule for the intended recipient, along with a personalized message. The candy gram is then delivered to the receiving student’s class at a later time in the day or week, allowing for an exciting surprise.

Top tip! You can even host multiple candy gram fundraisers for your school each year. Get students excited with themed offerings, too, and sell holiday-related candy grams leading up to Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more.


Flowers are a favorite gift item for parents, grandparents, significant others, and more. Thus, selling flowers as a school fundraiser can be a great way to go! For this idea, there are a few routes you can take. First, you might purchase a particular type of flower in bulk (carnations are a popular choice) and sell them by the stem to students and other individuals who are interested in giving a fully-bloomed flower. Alternatively, you can sell flower bulbs⁠—or ready-to-plant seed-like flower packages⁠—that can be planted and grown by the recipient.