The New Charity Fundraising Experience Has Arrived on GoFundMe

You could also sell beef jerky, sporting events tickets, and cologne to help your supporters beef up their gifts and boost your funds. All you’ll need for this fundraiser is a collection of glass jars with your organization’s name displayed on them. Ask local restaurants and businesses to leave the jars on their tables or near their cash registers and to encourage people to drop their spare change into the jar.
To encourage even more sales, consider hosting a calendar launch party where the featured firefighters can autograph calendars and interact with the public. Proceeds from the calendar sales can go toward funding department initiatives and improving resources. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas can invite local celebrities or professional chefs to act as guest judges to make the event even more engaging. In the end, announce winners in various categories, and consider giving a portion of the ticket sales to both the fire department and a local charity. Would you consider contributing [specific amount] to help us work toward our mission?
Charge the bands, as well as friends and family who come to see the show. Encourage students to dress up as characters from movies, books, or TV shows – and of course, pay for that opportunity. Not only is this fundraising idea a great way to engage students but is also easy to incorporate into the school curriculum. This fundraising event can be fun for the whole family, and it’s a great way to get everyone involved. When you’re coming up with a name for your karaoke fundraiser, try to think of a catchy way to say “karaoke fundraiser”.
Signing up to create your department’s free profile is easy — just head to now. Once registered, you’ll also have access to invitations, postcards, posters, social media images and more — all of which you can customize to meet your department’s specific needs. Plus you can download and embed videos for use in your own recruitment marketing efforts! Due to the regulations and difficulties of house raffles, car, boat, and motorcycle raffles are much more common. These impressive raffle prizes will surely interest people in your fundraiser yet have a much lower threshold. Online fundraising has become pivotal in furthering positive social impact and ensuring the financial sustainability of nonprofits.
You could also charge a little extra for a few minutes in a massage chair or nutritious smoothies. Your organization can help alleviate this annoyance for the members of your community by partnering with a local grocery store and offering a grocery delivery service. Set up a dog kissing booth at your next event and charge participants $2 or $3 for a dog kiss. At the end of the night, each dish goes home with whomever had the winning raffle ticket for that particular item. You can also encourage the volunteers to sweeten the pot by including the recipe for their delicious dish.
For example, school sporting events or theater productions would be the perfect time to host a bake sale. Local street fairs or craft shows may allow free booth space for a worthy cause. Many people will be tempted to buy a community cookbook, especially if it features closely-guarded family favorites. Setting a theme for your cookbook can help keep things organized and relevant. It is recommended you avoid changing your title too many times so that people who have donated already can find your title again. Find out more about how to change your GoFundMe’s title in this help center article.
Offer envelopes and a box for such donations at your information table. If you rely on a single team member to reach out to potential donors and collect items on their own, the results will likely be less than desired. That’s because it’s a big task that ideally should be delegated among a good-sized team of staff and volunteers (typically 5-6 individuals). Then, once you have your team in place, be sure to divide projects up into smaller checklist items so that each person knows exactly what they’re responsible for.
A game tournament is an engaging fundraising event that leverages the power of gamification to maximize fundraising revenue. To make the most out of your bake sale, try to be original and bake fun and unique cakes, breads, or cupcakes. Plus, you can make your bake sale accessible to all by adding in some gluten-free, vegan, and/or sugarless options for individuals who might have a dietary restriction.